The prize money is only collected by donations. Therefore, we are very pleased if you would like to support the Shalompreis with a donation.

Katholische Hochschulgemeinde – Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Bayern Mitte eG

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This is what the prize money has been used for in previous years:

2021: Double award of 30,000 euros for Sister Felista Tangi and Aristides Nshange for the Pippi House. Sister Felista Tangi uses her share to finance a new school building. The prize money for Aristides Nshange will help finance the recently purchased house in Arusha.

2020: Dr. Massimo Del Bene uses the 32,000 euros for operations on children from Latin America and Africa who suffer from deformities or injuries to their limbs.

2019: Pastor József Lankó received 28,300 euros for a community house in Egyházasharaszti, where many Beás families have moved, and a program for persons with substance dependency living in Alsószentmárton.

2018: Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression has used the 25,000 euros to establish the branch in Paris.

2017: Project PREDA (People’s Recovery, Empowerment and Development Assistance) used the 30,500 euros for the Boy’s Home, where boys freed from prisons live, and the Girl’s Home for traumatized victims of sexual abuse.

2016: PCFF in Israel / Palestine used the 24,500 euros for the 2016 youth camps and high school programs. They were very grateful for the donation.

2015: The prize money for Thérèse Mema and „Justice et Paix“ (24,500 euros) went to the Centre d‘ Ecoutes. In addition, a new project specifically for abused children started in January of this year. They still urgently need help:

2014: The work of the ICON network continues with considerable energy. Both projects, peace education and indigenous education, are in the second phase and will continue – also with the support of other organizations – until 2020. The prize money was 20,000 euros.