About us

The working group “Shalom –  For Justice and Peace”

(from left to right): Beate Laurenti, Maximilian Scheid, Sarah Betz, Bianca Schnor, Ursula Winter, Katharina Zöpfl, Margarete Müller, Barbara Fischer, Franziska Fischer, Valentin Schnell und Ulrike Schurr-Schöpfel

Who we are

The working group (“AK”) Shalom aims at contributing to the international respect of human rights and peacekeeping. Annually, with the thematical focus being set on a specific country or region, the highlight is the award of the Shalom prize, a prize labelled with one of the highest sums in Germany. The working group has been founded in 1981, displaying a continuous line of commitment. On a voluntary basis, a small group of students and citizens of Eichstätt contribute to the work. Currently, there are more than eight active members of the working group. If you are interested in what we do, you are welcome to join us!

The team is happy to announce that the Shalom prize can also be awarded this year. Last year´s award winner, Thérèse Mema from Congo, has built up a centre for the traumatized of the cruel extraction of raw material for the production of mobile phones. On the 20th of June, she has received the Shalom prize 2015 personally.

These are the last years´ award winners:

2017 Father Shay Cullen and PREDA from the Philippines

2016 PCFF in Israel and Palestine: Robi Damelin and Mazen Faraj

2015 Therese Mema Mapenzi from Justice et Paix -Centre d’Ecoute (DR of Kongo)

2014 ICON from the Philipines, award winner Lory Obal (Philippines)

2013 Padre Paulo Joanil da Silva from the Comissão Pastoral da Terra (Brasil)

2012 Bertha Cáceres Flores from COPINH (Civil Council of indigenous peoples of Honduras)

2011 Judith Maldonado and the collective “Luis Carlos Perez”(Colombia)

2010 Project SOLGIDI – Solidarity with Girls in Distress – Agnes Mailu (Kenya)

2008 Project Malinowka (Belarus) / Project Šance (Czech Republic)

2007 Project Bishop Joseph Coutts (Pakistan)

2006 Project Women and Development Project and Ark

2005 Project Abna Wadi al Nil (Egypt), Foundation Ghana

2004 Tadeo Nguyen Van Ly (Vietnam)

2003 CENIDH / Dr Vilma Nuñez (Nicaragua)

2002 „Open House“ (Israel/Palestine)

2001 Yusuf Akbulut and Isa Gülten (Turkey)

2000 Marguerite Barankitse (Burundi)

1999 Chris Hunter (Chechnia)

1998 Yanette Bautista (Colombia)

1997 ATPDH und AJAC (Tschad)

1996 Prof. Obiora Ike (Nigeria)

1995 People for Peace (Kenia)

1994 Cristo Vive – Sr. Karoline Mayer (Chile)

1993 Carmelita Santos (Guatemala)

1989 CIMI (Conselho Indigenista) Brasilien

1987 Padre Tomas Garcia (Guatemala)

1985 Bishop Revelo (El Salvador)

1984 Bishop Juan Gerardi Conedara (Guatemala)

1983 Lech Walesa (Poland), Sr. Verzosa (Philippines)

1982 Bishop Rivera y Damas (El Salvador)