Shalom Prize 2021 – 30,000 euros transferred to prize-winning projects in Tanzania

Now that the fundraising for the Shalom Prize 2021 has ended, 15,000 euros could be transferred to each project. In the 40th year of its existence, the AK Shalom for Justice and Peace at the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt had awarded its prize to two projects from Tanzania. For more information, please click here.

Sister Felista Tangi received the Shalom Prize for her project of an inclusive school in Nyashishi. The aim of her work is to provide education in non-violence and to include disabled as well as disadvantaged and vulnerable students, such as albinos. The founder of a house for girls and young women who lived on the streets and were exposed to violence, Aristides Nshange, received the award for the Pippi House project in Arusha.

The Shalom Prize ceremony had taken place in September 2021 as a hybrid event. The laureates were connected via video. Supporters of the Pippi House project from the Promanity association had traveled from all over Germany.

Sister Felista Tangi was touched and grateful for the award. With the prize money a part of a new school building could be financed. The further construction is thus guaranteed. Inventory was also urgently needed. The doctor of education also works on further training measures for teachers throughout Tanzania. She and her colleagues train other teachers in workshops. Their materials are available on the Internet.

Social worker Aristides Nshange founded Pippi House in 2011, and the name means ‚candy‘ in Swahili. With this, the girls and women who found refuge there, can go to school or complete an education, wanted to express how valuable and ’sweet‘ this house is for them – in contrast to the often experienced bitterness in their lives. There are currently between eighty and one hundred girls and women between the ages of 14 and 25 living in a very cramped house. They were victims of child labor, child trafficking and rape or prostitution. Some of them became pregnant. The house is thus also home to young children and infants. Aristides Nshange and the supporters of Promanity, who interned there at various times, were impressed by the willingness to donate. The prize money will help finance the recently purchased house in Arusha. The lease for the house, which had already become too small, expires at the end of February this year.

The Shalompreis is one of the most highly endowed human rights prizes in Germany. It is intended to contribute to the recognition of the achievements of the award recipients, to protect endangered defenders of human rights and to encourage others to get involved. The work of the members of AK Shalom is purely voluntary. The donations can thus be forwarded in full to the projects. Costs for travel of the award winners and for advertising such as flyers etc. are borne privately by the members. In addition to institutional donors such as the Department of the Universal Church of the Diocese of Eichstätt, the Oswald Foundation or the Rotary Club of Eichstätt, private individuals contribute with their donations to the prize amount.

The members of AK Shalom, students (also former), academic staff and citizens of Eichstätt would like to thank all donors for their generous donations.

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